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What will happen to Bitcoin in the fall? Bitxmi analysts opinion

What will happen to Bitcoin in the fall? news.bitxmi

What will happen to Bitcoin in the fall? Bitxmi analysts opinion

Analysts of the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange talked about when cryptocurrencies will update their historical maximum, what can become a catalyst for growth, and what trend can replace NFT.

What happened to Bitcoin in the summer?

In the summer of 2021, the bitcoin rate on the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange increased by $ 10 thousand, to $ 47.5 thousand. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency again approached the $ 900 billion mark, while its share decreased to 40.5%.

What to expect from bitcoin in the fall?

The probability of updating the historical maximum by bitcoin is higher than falling, financial analysts of the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange are confident. The cryptocurrency market has no reason to collapse, and the peak values ​​can be reached in the next 3-4 months, analysts are confident.

Growth factor

At the last speech of the head of the Fed, Jerome Powell, there were no specific statements about the curtailment of stimulus and cuts in the quantitative easing (QE) policy. After that, stock indices and cryptocurrencies went up.

What could be the catalyst for Bitcoin’s growth?

There is a possibility that the US SEC will approve the first Bitcoin ETF in October. In such a case, this will lead to a higher demand for crypto assets from large investors and funds.

Why can the trend on NFT pass in the fall?

Sooner or later, the trend on NFT will decline, BitXmi is confident. This is a natural phenomenon for any hype direction, which will then pass into the stage of healthy development and growth.

What could be the next trend in the crypto market?

Now a new trend is brewing – GameFi, analysts at BitXmi emphasize. According to them, it is likely that after the NFT this direction will become widespread.

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