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What tokens to invest in right now? The best options from the Bitxmi Experts

tokens to invest

What tokens to invest in right now? The best options from the Bitxmi Experts

What tokens to invest in right now? Bitxmi experts named cryptocurrencies that look the most promising in the current market situation

On July 15, the cost of bitcoin dropped to a two-week low of $ 31.5 thousand. Over the week, the main cryptocurrency fell by 6%. Altcoin quotes also dropped. Ethereum has dropped 17% over the past seven days. Over the same period, Cardano fell 12% and Binance Coin fell 4%. Experts explained which digital coins to buy in the face of a declining crypto market.

A correction is a great time to buy some coins at a discount. At the moment, Cardano looks interesting, since the coin, although it moved behind the market, the media background was mostly positive. The growth of cryptocurrency has been insufficient due to the general dynamics of the market. Experts also recommend paying attention to crypto-exchange tokens, for example, BXMI, which moved against the market.

Despite the correction of the crypto market, it is worth investing in assets that have the prospect of explosive growth. Experts include AMP, Basic Attention Token, Chiliz, Decentraland, Harmony, Holo, and WAYF to such assets. These are inexpensive altcoins that have already shown good dynamics since the beginning of the year, despite the general decline in the digital asset market.

All of them have grown in the range of 100-700% since the beginning of the year, and have the potential to further increase in value. Given the low initial price of coins, they are available to absolutely any investor as an investment.

At the moment, it makes sense to take a closer look at tokens such as Cosmos. Cosmos is an interesting blockchain with great opportunities for smart contract developers. Polkadot and Chainlink have both sagged quite well, and this investment could pay off pretty quickly. Experts also advise paying attention to IOHK. This coin will not bring much profitability in the coming months, but in the future, a year or two, it can rise in price significantly.

Against the background of the cryptocurrency market correction, Uniswap and Polkadot seem to be the most undervalued tokens, according to Bitxmi experts. He recommends cutting short-term positions in DeFi tokens, as these coins have high risks due to the prolonged correction.

“However, in the long-term strategy, DeFi tokens remain one of the most promising,” experts say.

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