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How Satoshi Nakamoto Can Be “Calculated”


Ethereum co-founder and founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, described how Satoshi Nakamoto can be “calculated” and found.

Charles Hoskinson about Satoshi Nakamoto

Hoskinson shared what is the most effective way to find Satoshi Nakamoto or the team that created Bitcoin. Apply the statistical style method.

Statistical stylistics is the study of a linguistic style, usually written. This technique has already been applied to Satoshi Nakamoto’s letters, but could not get the final results.

Hoskinson suggests applying this technique to code written by Satoshi. According to him, stylistic statistics applied to his code can be much more accurate and effective. He also said that this method is quite effective and is used to track malware authors. 

Hoskinson also gave some characterization of Satoshi Nakamoto:

“They are now over fifty or sixty years old, were educated in the 1980s or early 1990s. They studied at a very specific school in computer science. The bitcoin code written by them largely indicates where these people studied. This code was based on the very unusual Forth language. This language was used mainly in pedagogical informatics. Especially in England and the east of the USA at that time. ”

Hoskinson says he never applied statistical styling techniques to Satoshi’s code. According to him, it’s enough that this person does not want to share personal data. Bitcoin has been working fine since 2012.

Many people attribute to themselves the merits of Satoshi Nakamoto for creating Bitcoin. The most popular of these is Craig Wright. As part of the trial, Wright must provide files with “private keys to Satoshi Nakamoto’s storage”. Wright said he couldn’t do this since they were kept by a blind trust, to which he couldn’t access. Earlier, Wright said that until January 2020 the files would be delivered by courier. He later claimed that he could not pass on information to the court because lawyer secrets protect it.

Read more about Satoshi Nakamoto here…

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