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How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency On BitXmi

make money on cryptocurrency

Theme “How to make money on cryptocurrency?” now it has become especially popular due to worldwide lockdown.

Information constantly appears about the emergence of new crypto millionaires, all they did was buy the cryptocurrency on time, which grew. Trading cryptocurrencies people really earn a lot of money, the growth of individual coins sometimes takes off up to a thousand percent per day. Of course, not everything is so simple, it has its own specifics, you need to study the coins, follow the news, understand the charts, but in the risk/return ratio, the prospects are ambitious.

To make money on crypto, you will need a reliable exchange for trading.

Bitxmi is a safe, secure reliable cryptocurrency based in Singapore. The exchange is rapidly gaining popularity among traders around the world. What is the reason? The answer is simple – low fees (0.1% per transaction), withdrawal fees 0.25%, convenient interface, more than 100 coins for trading and much more. Among other things, the exchange does not require verification from users. Let’s look at the described aspects in more detail.


Register by the link, after which confirm the registration via mail or phone number, go to the Account List. BitXmi exchange website in English so to trade, you will have enough minimal knowledge of English.

Without verification, you can withdraw amounts up to 3 BTC per day. This is enough for 99.9% of users. If you want to work with large amounts, you should send a scan of your:

  1. ID document;
  2. ID document personal information page;
  3. ID/passport/driving license together with a handwritten paper. The handwritten paper must include your full name, submission date, our web domain name and a statement to declare your personal responsibility.

how to get verification on bitxmi cryptocurrency exchange

BitXmi takes user verification seriously, and all documents are carefully checked.

How to Deposit?

how to deposit on bitxmi cryptocurrency exchange

So, registration has passed. Now you need to replenish your trading account. Go to the “Balances” tab, here are collected more than 100 cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, click “Deposit” in front of the selected coin that you want to trade. A tab opens with an address for replenishment, you can scan a QR-code or copy the link. Next, transfer money to this account in any way convenient for you.

how to deposit on bitxmi cryptocurrency exchange

Some cryptocurrencies are available for replenishment, but temporarily it is impossible to withdraw funds in them, some are the other way around. This happens if the network of a particular cryptocurrency can be overloaded with transactions and in order not to pay a large commission or to expect long replenishment, the exchange temporarily suspends input or output on this crypto. 

In general, the deposit is very easy to replenish, after which you can start trading.


Go to the Exchange tab. 2 options are available: Original (basic) and TradingView (advanced). The advanced one is a little more informative, although the basic one is also suitable for a start, see how it is more convenient for you. Both options are displayed on the full screen.

original chart on the main page on bitxmi cryptocurrency exchangetradingview chart on the main page on bitxmi cryptocurrency exchange

A large number of cryptocurrency pairs are available, which are distributed across 4 tabs. These are pairs with the BTC, ETH, USDT and ETF section. You can also trade the internal currency of the exchange – BXMI. A trader can customize the display of the pairs that he is going to trade, noting those of interest. Such pairs will be added to the Favorite so that it is convenient to switch between them and not to search every time in a large list.

The trading interface of the exchange is very easy to use.

Orders. A trader can place 2 types of orders: Limit and Market orders.

market and limit orders on bitxmi crptocurrency exchange

Market order – purchase/sale of cryptocurrency at the current price. It is suitable if you want to quickly buy or sell any cryptocurrency. 

Limit order – place the order at a certain price. The purchase or sale price limit is determined by you. When you place a limit order, the transaction will be executed only if the market price reaches your price.


BitXmi Exchange constantly encourages active traders. For example, you can get Airdrop 100 BBK coins by writing on pages in social networks on BitXmi pages. Bonus for registration – 100 BXMI tokens to each. 

The BitXmi Exchange also has advantageous offers for BXMI token holders:

  • 12% annual bonus for owners of BXMI tokens – based on the results of annual trading volumes of BXMI tokens, 12% of this income will be shared between the first owners of tokens. The more tokens, the greater the bonus;
  • Ability to pay a commission with BXMI tokens
  • Special discounts on exchange services, which depend on the volume of tokens and a period of token held time.

Besides the usual trading, exchange BitXmi provides good opportunities for additional earnings.

BitXmi is a great exchange for crypto traders and investors. Low fees, user-friendly and simple interface, a large selection of trading assets, simple registration and much more.

Sign up and make money on BitXmi!

Join Bitxmi Exchange

Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.

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