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Microsoft Has Filed A Patent For A New Cryptocurrency And Mining Method

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining: Microsoft Has Filed A Patent For A New Cryptocurrency And Mining Method

Microsoft plans to create a new cryptocurrency that will be mined using the PoW (Proof-of-work) algorithm, while expensive energy-intensive mining installations will be excluded from the process. 

According to the patent, Microsoft cryptocurrency will use body activity data. It allows people to mine cryptocurrency without the need to use ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit).

The idea is to connect people to a server that monitors their energy levels. Microsoft says that the “activity of the human body” is necessary for cryptocurrency mining.


Another effective way to mine cryptocurrencies without harming the environment

cryptocurrency mining

This type of activity will replace the “massive computing work” that is currently required for some traditional cryptocurrency mining systems. This is due to the fact that data obtained from the activity of the body can be considered as Proof of Work. Therefore, the user can unconsciously solve a complex computational problem.

How will it work?

cryptocurrency mining

The patent states that certain tasks will reduce or increase computational energy depending on the type of activity. A cryptocurrency system that uses data on the activity of the human body is likely to work through a server that issues a command to a wearable device. 

The cryptocurrency system associated with the user device can check whether the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system and provide the cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

At this stage, it is not explained whether the new cryptocurrency will be based on any particular blockchain or whether Microsoft software will create its own platform. 

Early mining studies based on “body activity data”

cryptocurrency mining

The idea for cryptocurrency mining in this way was previously proposed by Manuel Beltrán, the founder of the Dutch Institute of Human Obsolescence, in 2018. Manuel organized an experiment with a special body, which collected the heat of the human body into a stable energy source, and then the generated heat was transferred to a computer for cryptocurrency mining.

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