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Poloniex delists DigiByte after DigiBytes founder criticized Tron[TRX], Bitxmi lists DGB


Poloniex, a one time popular cryptocurrency exchange, delisted DigiByte after DigiByte’s founder criticized Tron and its founder Justin Sun on Twitter. Poloniex announced the news after his criticism of Tron. Poloniex is owned by Justin Sun, after Circle sold Poloniex to Justin Sun in October 2019.

According to Jared Tate, Tron is a 100% centralized company, with a centralized blockchain and 100% pre-mined tokens. Jared Tate also accused Poloniex of being a TRX shill factory.

What has Jared Tate accused Tron of?

Jared Tate has accused Tron of being a con job. According to Jared Tate,

Nothing about Tron is unique other than a few gambling apps and the marketing hype and paid Twitter bots. They even copied most of the white paper. With a 100% premine you can afford to pay reporters, listing fees & market makers to wash trade for you.

Jared Tate also pointed out that Binance and Tron Foundation control 25 of 27 Tron Super representatives.

This is not the first time Jared Tate has been in a controversy with the industry. Early in 2019, Jared Tate revealed Binance’s listing fee charges of $300,000 and 3% of the total DGB supply. Being a community project, DigiByte declined to list on Binance.

Bitxmi Lists DigiByte (DGB)

Cryptocurrency exchange, Bitxmi, has listed DigiByte in the wake of Poloniex delisting the token. Bitxmi is allowing users from Poloniex to shift to Bitxmi Exchange. Bitxmi will be refunding the withdrawal fee of the Poloniex users who shift from Poloniex to DigiByte.

Users from Poloniex can create an account in Bitxmi, and transfer their funds to Bitxmi. The withdrawal fee charged by Poloniex will automatically refunded.

Join Bitxmi Exchange

Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.

Olesia Deineka

Olesya is a freelance journalist for Bitxmi. Relatively new in the cryptocurrency space, she is passionate about journalism and fair, unbiased reporting.

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