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How Much Ethereum 2.0 First Stakers Will Earn?

Ethereum 2.0 First Stakers

Ethereum 2.0 first stakers will make huge profits

Six days after the launch of the official depository contract, just over 50,000 ETH were staked. The overclocking was limited to loyal Ethereum fans, including Vitalik Buterin himself, who allocated 3200 ETH, and several crypto whales.

     Ethereum 2.0 First Stakers

The amount currently staked is 9.6% of the total. The project has a long way to go to reach 524,288 thresholds. Most importantly, this massive amount of ETH needs to be deposited a week before the Beacon Chain genesis block appears.

It is now believed that the launch date for ETH 2.0 on December 1 is overly optimistic. Because that won’t happen until 16,384 validators appear.

At the moment, about 10% of the required ETH has been contributed, so it may seem that the ETH 2 Beacon Chain (stage 0) will not launch on December 1, but such an opportunity still exists, – wrote Omar Bham, a well-known in the crypto space.

Those who stake first will receive the most rewards, as the reward will decrease as the amount of staking increases.

Rewards for Ethereum 2.0 First Stakers

Cinneamhain Ventures partner Adam Cochran says people don’t fully understand the benefits of staking:

With the minimum ETH staking, you get approximately 36% ~ APY. At 1M ETH 18% ~ APY. With 2.5 million – 10.2% per annum.

He estimates that as soon as the new blockchain is launched with a minimum amount of 524 thousand ETH, the profit could be 36% per year. Although the ETH 2.0 team is reporting a return of 21.6%, this is still much higher than any DeFi protocol currently in force.

When staking a million ETH, the yield drops to about 16%, after 10 million ETH – to 4.9%. These returns are still much higher than some of the DeFi offerings, including YETH from Yearn Finance, which offers 1.3% with a 0.3% withdrawal fee.

Most people crave passive income, so staking is a good choice for those Ethereum holders who want to use their tokens to their advantage. This is likely to have a positive impact on prices, so expect great success from Ethereum next year.

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