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MimbleWimble Litecoin Code Development Completed

MimbleWimble Litecoin

MimbleWimble Litecoin Code Development Completed

Litecoin Foundation and Lead Developer David Burkett announced that the MimbleWimble code via block extension (MWEB) is complete. The code has now entered the audit phase, and other developers will be reviewing the code over the next weeks.

MimbleWimble Litecoin

MimbleWimble is an update designed to improve the fungibility and privacy of Litecoin. The update combines technologies such as confidential transactions, CoinJoin, etc. Its development lasted about 1 year.

The Litecoin Foundation announced yesterday that the audit process could take weeks or even months. According to the official post, this will depend on the number of bugs and fixes.

In the future, the update will be integrated with the Litecoin codebase, and miners will have to support it for deployment on the main network. However, the exact timing of the full implementation of the update will be determined by the community.

Burkett clarified that the request code on GitHub is 60% uploaded, the remainder will be uploaded when the review of this part is complete.

Please note that this is libmw code only. There is not ~ 40% of the code in this review yet, as GitHub cannot handle it due to its size. After everyone has studied this code carefully, its other half will be sent.

As the developer explained, the second pull request is based on the first: 

The second part is based on the first. It is a stand-alone library and should be checked carefully. When everyone is finished and satisfied with the full review, it will be much easier to review the rest of the code using this library.

Burkett estimates that the last part of the code can be merged sometime in July of this year. After that, activation of the code may take 3-6 months.

I’m pretty sure it will be activated in 2021, I just don’t know exactly when. The next phase of development will make the protocol more accessible to users with low technical capabilities.

Another Litecoin developer Loshan said that MWEB will also benefit Bitcoin users. It will introduce decentralized swap options between BTC and LTC to transfer funds to the MimbleWimble network. Thus, bitcoin can gain more privacy as well.

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