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Top 5 cryptocurrency other than Bitcoins From $ 14 000 to $14 million

top cryptocurrency

Top 5 cryptocurrency other than Bitcoins From $ 14 000 to $14 million

BTC is rightfully the leader of the crypto market. But there are several altcoins at once that are ahead of the main digital coin in value, trading at $ 11,900.

top cryptocurrency


HelmosThe Hemelios cryptocurrency now costs about $ 14,600. It is announced on the official website as the “new bitcoin”. In fact, this is a regular ERC-20 token, that is, a coin based on the Ethereum blockchain.

yEarn Finance

Yearn finance

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2020 is YFI. It was released on July 18 for $32 and now costs $ 17,770. Over the month, the rate has grown by 55,200%. This means that if you bought a $ 100 coin in mid-July, you could now sell it and earn $ 55,300.


42 coin

42-coin, as you might guess from the name, has an emission of 42 coins. The project’s website says that this makes them extremely valuable, so the current value of each is now $ 39,700. All tokens have already been mined and are in circulation.


top cryptocurrency

The cost of the Robonomics Web Services (RWS) token reached $ 97,000 at the end of August. The maximum price of the altcoin was set on August 16 at $ 116,000. The reason for such a high rate of the asset is its small issue: there are only 100 RWS coins.


top cryptocurrency

The undisputed leader in value is the dubious Travel1Click altcoin. Its emission is 1 coin, the price of which exceeds $ 14 million. The token operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is presented on one small IndoEx exchange paired with ETH.

Course manipulation

The high price does not mean that the coin is really worth that much. The high cost of an asset may be due to manipulation. For example, if it is traded on only one small exchange, then a small capital is enough to artificially raise the rate tenfold.


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