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Bitstamp Review : A Complete Overview & How safe is Bitstamp? 

bitstamp review

Bitstamp Review : A Complete Overview & How safe is Bitstamp? 

bitstamp review

Bitstamp review is what are you looking for? Do you hear a lot of Bitstamp lately? If yes, you are in the most suitable place to get the best review. Recently a lot of crypto enthusiasts are showing interest in Bitstamp. If you are new to this crypto exchange, you must know that Bitstamp Legit is an emerging crypto exchange that is witnessing immense acceptance from crypto lovers.

But how safe is Bitstamp? Most of the crypto investors, before exchanging in Bitstamp coins, always want to know one thing. And that is, is Bitstamp secure? So, here in this study, you will learn everything about Bitstamp security. 

In brief about Bitstamp

This crypto exchange platform is a product of two friends. Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlac brought Bitstamp to the people in Slovenia. And Bitstamp is one of the primary platforms that gave a tough competition to Mt. Gox.

Mt. Gox is a crypto exchange platform that was immensely popular among the people. But after being hacked in 2011, this exchange platform went bankrupt. And that is where Bitstamp boosted. After this incident, the founders of Bitstamp realize the vitality of Bitstamp safety and reliability.

So, they came up with a crypto exchange that is worth trusting. So, if you are asking, is Bitstamp safe? You must know that the blockchain technology in which bitstmp is built is completely safe. And that implies that Bitstamp hack is next to impossible. So, if you are surfing, is Bitstamp safe 2017?  You can be completely assured about its reliability.

Now that you know the roots of Bitstamp currencies, you should also be aware of its Pros and cons. So, the below portion of this article will help you grasp all the pros and cons of Bitstamp US.

Pros and cons of Bitstamp:

What is all good about Bitstamp?

a) Fiat trading

This is the most vital feature that every crypto lover looks for. Every buyer doesn’t have crypto to pay as a Bitstamp fee. So, they find exchanges that help them possess crypto assets with fiat currency.

In such cases, you would be happier to know that bitstamo is accessible with fiat currency. You can also pay Bitstamp trading fees using your fiat currency. So, if you are contemplating spending on a crypto asset, Bitstamp might be the right choice for you.

b) Easy payment methods

The best part about Bitstamp wallet is collecting these coins with easy payment methods. Yes! You are reading it right. Bitstamp app enables its users to buy ripple on Bitstamp using Bitstamp credit cardBitstamp PayPal, and Bitstamp debit card.  

However, many crypto exchange platforms don’t allow to trade of cryptocurrency with fiat currency. Well, the crypto investors who already possess crypto may find it easy. But the crypto lovers who are beginning can find it tedious.

But with Bitstamp, Bitstamp us customers buy crypto buy using US dollars. Similarly, Bitstamp Hawaii can also buy crypto using their currencies at Bitstamp exchange.

Users at Bitstamp deposit can also use cryptocurrency to trade crypto. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin Bitstamp, you can buy it by exchanging Bitcoin. Similarly, if you want to buy Bitstamp ripple, you can easily buy it with any crypto you want.

c) Security

If you are searching is Bitstamp safe Reddit, you must know that it is an entirely safe exchange platform for crypto investors. Bitstamp deposit methods are completely safe and secure, with Bitstamp two factor authentication. It allows you to deposit your cash or any crypto token in the wallet with authentication that makes it even safer.

The Bitstamp verification prevents hackers and attackers from hacking your wallet. So, if you are watching for a reliable platform, Bitstamp net would be a good choice.

d) Fees

Bitstamp deposit fees and trading fees are incredibly affordable. It is relatively low in comparison to any other exchange platforms. So, if you want to possess a crypto asset with lower trading fees, the Bitstamp exchange is one of the best platforms to access.

e) Bitstamp customer service

Bitstamp support is extremely user-friendly. In fact, it is the most customer-friendly platform that answers to Bitstamp FAQ at any time you want. Further, the 24X7 customer service also offers you all the resolutions for your transaction immediately.

f) Reputation

Apart from offering all these features, Bitstamp is also known for its reputation. Being the 11th most popular exchange platform, it offers you reliability and security without any compromise.

Cons about Bitstamp

Although Bitstamp is one of the most efficient platforms, it also has some cons. So, before you start using Bitstamp, here are some cons of Bitstamp you should know.

a) Coin selection

Apart from being a popular exchange platformBitstamp only offers you only five cryptocurrencies to trade. And that includes Bitstamp LitecoinBitstamp Ethereum, Ripple Bitstamp/XRP BitstampBitstamp Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin.

b) User-friendly

When it comes to user-friendliness, Bitstamp may not offer you an enhancing experience. Users who are new to cryptocurrency and exchange platform may find it tedious to use.

Now that you know about the pros and cons, you should also know how to use Bitstamp? So, in this section, you will study the step-by-step procedure to register and use Bitstamp.

Steps to start trading in Bitstamp:

a) Registration

It is quite quick and easy. You just have to fill in information like the first name, last name, email, country, Bitstamp phone number, etc.

b) Verification

The next step is Bitstamp account verification. The Bitstamp verification process includes uploading personal documents like driving license, passport, or gas bill to verify. To prevent Bitstamp scam, you must get your accounts verified. You can also Bitstamp social security number to clear all security-related issues.

Trading and prices and at Bitstamp

Trading at Bitstamp is effortless. You can view the Bitstamp charts to know the Bitstamp price. The Bitstamp Bitcoin price is available at a lower price. So, you can possess Bitcoin using the Bitstamp chart. However, Bitstamp doesn’t offer you any rewards for Bitstamp referral. 

How to withdraw from Bitstamp?

Withdrawing funds from Bitstamp to your own bank account is quite easy. You just need to pick the adequate withdrawal method and enter bank account details correctly. And you can withdraw funds without any Bitstamp withdrawal fee. 

Further, there is no Bitstamp withdrawal limit. So, you can withdraw without any Bitstamp limits. 

Where is Bitstamp located?

Bitstamp location is Luxemburg. So, it is a Luxemburg-based exchange platform.

Storage: is Bitstamp a wallet?

Yes! Bitstamp also offers you wallets to store all your funds. All your funds are insured at Bitstamp.

Bitstamp vs. other exchange platforms

Suppose you compare bitstamp vs. gdax, Bittrex vs. bitstamp, bitstamp vs. Bittrex, Binance vs. bitstamp, or bitstamp vs. Binance. In that case, bitstamp is the most reliable and safest platform than any other exchange platform.

Now that you are clear about bitstamp tradeview/bitstamp review Reddit, you can come up with a better decision about which platform to choose. Bitstamp logo is, however, always a reliable and safe platform to trade.


Now that you know all the pros and cons of Bitstamp, you should choose a platform that offers you maximum benefits. However, if you are looking for a reliable and safe trading platform, you can also use BitXmi. It is one of the safest platforms that offer you the lowest trading fees.

But do you think Bitstamp is reliable in terms of features?

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Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.

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