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Blockchain Encryption 2021 I An Introduction To Cryptography I Bitxmi

blockchain encryption

Blockchain Encryption I An Introduction To Cryptography

Blockchain encryption protects sensitive data from getting into illegal hands. Hence, it saves misuse of data. Through blockchain encryption algorithm, detail of every transaction remains that have occurred ever on blockchain. In fact, the transaction with proper verification was uploaded by someone on the specific blockchain network. Moreover, blockchain encryption math is like a mining network. Basically, it is this math that protects the data. The entire system is pure mathematics.

What is blockchain?

So, the answer to what is blockchain is simple- it is a specific kind of database. This is indeed the simplest blockchain defination. But, it is different from the regular databases in terms of the mode of information storage. Basically, blockchain keeps data in the form of blocks. These blocks then integrate through a chain.

In fact, every data remains there within a fresh block. After the block becomes full with data, then it forms a link with the earlier block. Through the process, data remains in a proper chain in a chronological fashion. It is possible to keep various kinds of data on blockchain. But, the most common usage is the ledger for transactions.

How it forms?

Primarily, regular databases and blockchain differ in terms of structuring the data. Moreover, blockchain gathers data in a group, which one may call blocks as well. One block holds a set of details. However, blocks have a specific level of capacity to store data. Hence, when one block fills, it connects with another similar block. Through the process, a chain forms that we call the ‘blockchain.’

How is it different from another database?

In general, databases often form their data within tables. But, in blockchain, as the name suggests, the data remains in blocks. Obviously, these blocks connect with each other. Hence, all blockchains are databases. But, not all databases are blockchains. This approach automatically forms an irreversible pattern of data. After a block fills, it becomes integral to the chain. Through the process, it forms a systematic way of storing and retrieving data.

Primarily, there is a reward model having thorough incentives in it for the process. Here people solve algorithms that moreover do verification of each transaction. And it gets into the blockchain after this verification. Undoubtedly, this method is the safest in comparison to all other traditional ways of keeping details. The best part, blockchain facilitates digitization of the details. In fact, it remains safe through each transaction on the ledger.

Blockchain Encryption:

blockchain encryption

People enquire what type of encryption does bitcoin blockchain use. Well, here, the blockchain usage is such that the data is irreversible. In short, the record of transactions is permanent. Moreover, anyone can view the details of transaction. Noteworthy here is that not any individual or any group holds control over it. Instead, every user holds control in a collective fashion.

Many people want to know about the role of encryption in blockchain. Similarly, many enquire about blockchain encryption code. Well, encryption is a term part of Cryptography concept. How does blockchain encryption world? In simpler words, it is the method of converting plaintext to ciphertext. In other words, it is about converting normal text to random bits sequences.

Types of encryption

What type of encryption does blockchain use? Many people have an interest in knowing what encryption does blockchain use. They basically want to know how blockchain encryption works.

The answer is quite straightforward. There are two types of encryptions-symmetric-key encryption and public-key or asymmetric encryption. Coming to symmetric key, here the same key encrypts and also decrypts the data. Indeed, this is an effective and popular way of data security. In fact, this method is effective for encrypting hard drives and safeguarding connectivity to HTTPs sites.

AES is the most popular symmetric-key algorithm. The other part of answer of what types of encryption are used in blockchain is the public-key encryption. Well, one can call it asymmetric encryption as well. Here, public-key cryptography makes use of distinct keys for encrypting and decrypting. Here the public key remains available out in open.

However, it is essential to keep the private key secret. Moreover, it depends upon interesting mathematic characteristics. Interestingly, it enables meeting of two groups anonymous to each other for safe data exchange. Basically, public-key cryptography is meant for symmetric key encryption, which ultimately encrypts the data.

What’s the link between blockchain and cryptography?

Users want to know how strong is the encryption on blockchain technology. In fact, there are a lot of discussions going on around blockchain vs. cryptography. However, one should first understand cryptography for utmost clarity on it is. Basically, cryptography is a way of technology development or protocol development.

Moreover, this method helps in preventing third parties from having access. It protects by stopping third parties gain data through private messages through a mode of communication. In fact, the term cryptography is a combination of greek terms-Kryptos and Graphein. Kryptos means hidden ad Graphein means to write.

A distinguishing aspect of blockchain is its ability to keep all records. Moreover, it facilitates safe transactions using scripting languages using cryptographic methods. A blockchain keeps the entire records in a specific block with proper linking between each other. And, cryptography is the method of linking.

What algorithm does it use?

Many people want to know about cryptographic algorithms used in blockchain. Generally, Blockchain uses two kinds of cryptographic algorithms. The first one is the asymmetric-key algorithm, and the other is hash functions. Hash functions are meant for providing functionality of one sight of blockchain to each one.  In general, Blockchains make use of SHA-256 hashing algorithm as their hash function.

Blockchain for greater safety

All in all, blockchain provides the most vital transparency to the entire process. Presently, there is a massive variety of blockchain projects one can find. Moreover, they all aim at implementation of blockchain for greater help of society than mere transaction records. Interestingly, democratic election systems have also used blockchain for voting process. The best part, it has helped in avoiding fraudulent voting to a significant extent.


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Anyway, what do you think; is blockchain encryption the safest?

Or, is there any glitch? Let us know through comments.

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