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Coinbase Review: Things you must know in 2021

coinbase overview

Coinbase Review: Things you must know in 2021

Coinbase Review is one of the most surfed queries in 2020. Crypto lovers who invest in crypto coins always want to know about exchange sites like coinbase pro app. This helps them conclude with the decision that is coinbase safe or not? If you are looking for Bitcoin pro review/coinbase pro review, this article will help you get the best review about coinbase account.

Overview on Coinbase:

coinbase review

If you are new to coinbase earn, you must know that coinbase Bitcoin cash is one of the biggest crypto platforms worldwide. This traditional platform helps you in several ways. Using this platform, you can buy and sell your coinbase new coins whenever you want.

The best part about coinbase pro is you can trade Bitcoin by using your bank account, credit card, and debit card. And the rates are also fair. Now that you know about Coinbase, you should also know how does coinbase work in India?

How does coinbase work in India?

Coinbase in India offers you a plethora of services. Starting from Brokerage services to merchant solutions, it offers you every service that relates to crypto.

So, here is the list of services that coinbasepro offers you.

a) Brokerage services

Out of all those services, the main service that coinbase offers is brokerage services. This service acts as an exchange platform that helps you buy and sell cryptocurrency using your credit card, debit card, and bank account. Many crypto buyers initiate their trade with coinpro exchange. All thanks to the company’s reputation that manages to attract users with easy UI.

But on the other hand, many users often complain about pro coinbase. After some days of use, users get a lack of control over their coins/assets. That implies; when you will create your coinbase account, you won’t access your coins directly. Neither will you get any private keys. So, it feels like saving your cash into a bank account where you don’t have any access. But the bank can control it. So, this is why most of the users don’t find it safe to stay in Coinbase. And they switch to other exchanging platform.

b) Coinbase pro/procoinbase

This service is also known as GDAX. The GDAX/Coinbase Pro is the advanced version of Coinbase that allows users to trade cryptocurrency with affordable GDAX trading fees. This is usually a service that aims to attract more experienced crypto traders rather than newcomers.

Coinbase Pro’s service allows users to trade coins like ETH, BTC, LTC, ZRX, BCH, and many more. However, the USP about this service is it offered low GDAX trading fees.

c) Coinbase pro vs. Coinbase

Coinbase is a trading platform that offers to the trade of cryptocurrency. But only attracts beginners. However, Coinbase pro only aims at experienced users. With advanced trading options and lower GDAX trading fees, it is one of the most suitable trading platforms for users. So, if you are coinbase pro vs. coinbase, Coinbase Pro would rather be the best option.

d) Coinbase wallet address

After introducing the Coinbase Pro, Coinbase came with a coinbase wallet address. This is a wallet service that offers secured access to the cryptocurrency without any hassle. Earlier, people complained about the lack of control over funds in coinbase. So, in return, coinbase developed this app for android and iOS users. This app stores the private keys that help users to get complete access to their funds. However, initially, Coinbase claimed that they are only exchange services. But to improve user experience, they are providing wallet service to its user.

Merchant solutions

Adding a feather to their cap, Coinbase came with services that offer merchants the power to accept cryptocurrency. They offered dedicated plugins, where they can accept crypto for their products/services. Further, this plugin is powered by the largest CMS.

Fees in Coinbase

The fee structure in coinbase or coinbase pro is a bit tedious. Due to a lack of understanding, most users refrain from using it as an exchange site. But this article will help you break down the fee structure as much as possible. So, if you are looking at how to use coinbase in India, you must know about its fee structure.

The market price that you get in coinbase pro is +0.5% of the total coins. And the transaction fees are separate. You will have to pay a flat fee if your transaction is under $200. But if it exceeds, you will pay a different price.

Similarly, the transaction fees for credit card buyers are 3.99%. This is way more than any other crypto exchange site. And further, users also complain that sometimes coinbase declines the purchases if there is a big price shift in the coin. So, sometimes users don’t use coinbase vs. blockchain exchange platforms.


Keeping it brief, this is your updated review for coinbase and coinbase pro. Now that you know everything about Coinbase, it will help you conclude a better decision. People who are looking for a reliable exchange platform with the lowest trading fees can visit BitXmi.

But do you think coinbase is a reliable trading platform when it comes to controlling funds?

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