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7 Simple Steps to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2020

earn free bitcoin

How to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2020?

Earn free Bitcoin may involve a lot of scams and hassles. Thus, you should always be careful about any site that you are accessing.The early adopters of the Bitcoin who made a good fortune from digital currency earned their coins by receiving it free. Yes, you heard it right. The early Bitcoin owners received free Bitcoin from the free Bitcoin faucet. Back in the days,’ many users received their Bitcoins as a reward system.

But there are still a number of ways in which you can earn free Bitcoin. It includes several ways, such as airdrops, giveaways, bounties, tipping, referral programs, and faucets. So, if you are wondering how to earn Bitcoin free?

Here are some tips that will help you earn Bitcoin free.

Simple hacks to earn free Bitcoin. 

If you want to stack free Bitcoin cash, there are several options available to you. Here are some best options to earn 1 free Bitcoin.

a) Referral programs.

earn free bitcoin

It is one of the greatest ways to get 0.1 Bitcoin free. It is something that you are already doing. So, if you have a site, blog, or massive amount of followers, you can use it to capitalize on Bitcoins. You can join referral programs that pay in crypto. Once you join any such program, you can share those referral codes and ask your followers to join. It would be the best way for a free Bitcoin spin. 

There are many websites that offer you such programs.One such program is Bitcoin games. You can play famous Bitcoin games using your Bitcoins; it doesn’t need any registration. And you can earn up to 25% on all the bets made.

Another referral program asks you to share your referral link to anyone who is interested in trading Bitcoins. You can earn free Bitcoin every hour on every trade they do. If you are wondering how to earn free Bitcoin, you need to have an account on free Bitcoin sites legit. Visit the referral page, and obtain your unique referral link. After obtaining your referral link, you can share it with your friends and followers to earn a free Bitcoin review. 

b) Earn through Affiliate programs.

If you are searching for an accessible way how to earn free Bitcoin in India, then affiliate programs are one of the simplest ways. There are various affiliate programs used on the websites. One such example is signing up an affiliate link. Affiliate programs are web ads and help you earn free Bitcoins when you Sign up to the affiliate link.

c) Play games to earn Bitcoin.

earn free bitcoin

It is one of the most excellent ways if you are wondering how to earn Bitcoin free. In this inexpensive way of earning Bitcoins, you can compete in various games. For instance, like solving a puzzle, watching an advertisement by visiting a link helps you earn Bitcoin for free. You can also follow some of the influential Crypto traders in social media. There are some traders who offer you free Bitcoins when you follow them.

d) Chain Tipping services.

earn free bitcoin

Chain tipping services is another way of earning Bitcoins for free. If you are looking at how to earn Bitcoin free in India, you can go for the chain tipping services. There are a lot of chains tipping services offering Bitcoin as rewards to those who are doing charities. Thus, you can post high-quality content or tweets on social media to earn Bitcoin quickly.

e) Bitcoin Faucets.

earn free bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets are the traditional ways of earning Bitcoins. You can earn Bitcoin every hour without spending a single penny. There are many Bitcoin faucets that claim to be the most reliable. But some of them may only be a scam. However, if you are looking at how to get Bitcoin for free, you should choose a Bitcoin faucet that provides you interest on your balance.

Not only interest, but it should also provide you better rewards as compared to any other Bitcoin Faucet. There are a lot of faucets that offer you free lottery tickets. But you should choose wisely by considering all the deals. And most essentially, you should check that the faucet is not a scam.

f) Gambling.

earn free bitcoin

It is the least safe and worst option for you, as you may fail miserably. In fact, you may lose all your money in gambling. Thus, whenever you notice any such free offer, you should be aware. There are many people who look at how to get free Bitcoin and end up losing all money in a scam. Thus, you should be careful before indulging in any such free offers. Make sure it is not asking you for any payment. There is a higher chance of scam when it includes any payment.

Secondly, they’re a lot of sites that offer you free Bitcoin review. They are often involved in other payments. So, you should be careful about such sites. These sites also have malware that may affect your device. Thus, if you are looking at how to earn free Bitcoin in India, you should be aware of everything.

g) Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

earn free bitcoin

Cloud mining is the last option that anyone can choose. If you have the hardware, you can mine Bitcoins. But it is fairly expensive. Many people may think of it as free. But investment in hardware is rather more expensive. It would be better if you buy free Bitcoins.


These were some of the ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2020. It would be best to read the guide before taking any such step.People who are looking to buy Bitcoin visit BitXmi-the the most reliable platform to trade Cryptocurrency.

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