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How To Short Bitcoin in 2021 I Bitxmi Exchange

how to short bitcoin

How To Short Bitcoin in 2021? A Complete Guide



how to short bitcon

Do you have an idea upon what is Bitcoin shorting? Do you wish to know how to short Bitcoin? As this functionality of Bitcoin is gaining popularity across the globe, beginners are keen to know about the process of acquiring it. Bitcoin shorting is done with the purpose of gaining cash. Shorting is supposedly more beneficial than longing bitcoin. With this short selling ideology, you can earn a benefit whenever the cost of bitcoin goes down.
Therefore, if the market is falling, you can make this strategy work out with subtle amount of risks as well. Therefore, it is important for traders to look after implementing it carefully. So, if you are ready then this article is all about helping you explore the best options for those who want to know how to short sell bitcoin.

Anyway, below are a few of the best options for those who want to know how to short sell bitcoin.

Margin Trading

Undoubtedly, margin trading is the simplest platform where can you short bitcoin. The best part, there are many exchanges and brokerages that give their consent for this kind of trading. Specifically, about bitcoin, there are many exchanges that allow margin trading. In this context, GDAX will be a good exchange. However, there are many who ask how to short bitcoin on GDAX. Also, there are some who ask how to short bitcoin on coinbase. Get the details below.

How to short bitcoin on Coinbase?

Moreover, both are quite same questions. After all, Coinbase runs the crypto exchange GDAX. And, the good news is that it has added margin trading. For the traders, those having above $100k net worth can do margin trading. For individuals, they need to have at least a $5,000k investment on a discretionary base to do margin trading.

About short selling through margin trading, many people also ask how to short bitcoin on Binance. Well, this is quite simple. First of all, one needs to first open a margin account and go to margin trading platform of Binance. However, those who want future trading may opt for that. Next, you need to select the market pairs and start trading.

Future trading

Basically, Futures trading brings the option- USDT or COIN. About USDT, one can trade this with 125x leverage. The best part, there no expiry date. In case of COIN, it too comes with 125x leverage. But, it might come with an expiry date. In case of binance margin trading, one gets 3 options-Spot, Cross and Isolated margin.

In cross margin, the whole margin balance is available over open sections to restrict liquidation. Upon enabling cross margin, the risk of whole margin balance along open positions remains there when liquidation occurs. In case of isolated margin, the balance is meant for individual position. Here, the traders can handle risks in their respective position by restricting the margin for each.

Must know about futures Market

Bitcoin comes with a future market as well. Here, the buyer agrees to buy security along with a contract that cites the time and price of selling security. Upon buying a futures contract, one can ensure security prices grow. Moreover, this assures of having great deals on security later. In fact, bitcoin Futures Market is getting popular among regular brokerage platforms and exchanges. In short, this can be the best option for those who ask –can you short bitcoin easily. Well, there are many exchanges through which one can trade Bitcoin Futures.

Leveraged tokens

Anyway, one may go with Binance Leveraged Tokens as well. Basically, it means one can borrow greater amounts through an exchange than he/she owns actually for buying bitcoin. However, this is certainly not a good suggestion for beginners considering there remains a risk. After all, when things don’t go as wish, exchanges close the trade much earlier than one can expect. This because they get it that you are utilizing money you actually don’t own. Hence, one can claim that there remain threats of both gain and loss equally with leveraging. Now, considering that making such a calculation is tough for beginners, hence they should not opt for it.

Binary Options Trading

This is also quite simple. Basically, here one needs to put an order to short sell bitcoin. It means you aim at selling it at current price, no matter the price gets lower later. The best part, there are many exchanges where these options are available. However, here the cost often remains higher. A prediction market is another cool way to short sell bitcoin. Primarily, it allows investors to make an event to develop a wager as per the outcome. Hence, one could assume for bitcoin to come down by a certain percentage. All in all, here, one can predict things for better output.

Short-Sell of Bitcoin Assets and of CFDs

Though it is not a favorite among investors, those looking to trade actual bitcoin could target the currency straightaway. Here, one can sell the token at a flexible cost, wait for the price to drop, and then buy again. However, when the price doesn’t change as one expects, chances of losing money or bitcoin always remains there.

Coming to CFD, it means Contract for Difference. In short, here, one simply pays the amount of difference. Apparently, rather than borrowing bitcoins actually, selling and again buying at a lower price, it’s certainly a better option. Hence, one can obtain the difference with CFDs when the price comes down without going through struggles of coin trading.


So, the above abstracts clear all doubts on- can you short sell bitcoin and how to short bitcoin. Evidently, each method demands a unique strategy. But, one thing that is common for all in terms of importance is the selection of right exchange. In this context, Bitxmi can be a fine suggestion.

This is a popular exchange that facilitates safe buying and selling of cryptocurrency, with utmost safety.

Any, which of the above method you feel is better on how can you short bitcoin? Please let us know in comments.

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