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India Cryptocurrency Exchange : 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Starting Your Exchange

india cryptocurrency exchange

India Crypto Exchange: Everything You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Exchange

The Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange market is highly complex, and people need to think twice with proper research before getting into it. There are loads of information that are still essential for unveiling associated with India Crypto Exchange. There is much legal information that you need to understand before you could do Bitcoin or Ethereum exchange in India. 

The Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the most complicated aspects that every single Crypto aspirant needs to understand before investing in best Cryptocurrency exchange in world. For making this profitable, you need to crack the core aspects of it.

Even if you want to build your own Bitcoin Exchange website, you will need to get into the detailed aspects of cryptocurrency. The consideration, loopholes, legal boundaries, implementations, and all other aspects require deep focus to avoid falling into the common pitfalls.

In this article, you will know about everything in detail to know more about the Bitcoin India exchange, along with the attributes that are essential to help you give an insight about how to start your own Crypto exchange website.

Follow this article till the end to know more about all the detailed aspects of cryptocurrency exchange websites.

Things That Are Important to Consider for Starting Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Here are some of the things that you need to know in detail if you are planning on moving ahead with building your own cryptocurrency exchange website.

a) Look After All the Legal Aspects

start cryptocurrency exchange

For ensuring that your clients put trust on your BTC to INR Exchange platform, you need to make sure that you keep all the legal considerations up to the mark. By preparing the financial structures of your plan, you will eventually attain legal status.

But firstly, you need to decide the right way of incorporating your business and the location where you are planning to start.

The first thing in the process is to obtain a license, and there are loads of paperwork and documentation aspects essential for it. For starting the best Bitcoin Exchange India, you need to follow all the steps and measures to keep your foundation clear. You might have to give out monetary expenses to deal with such aspects of licensing.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchange websites in India operate without any license, but that would eventually lead those sites to shutdown sometime sooner. It is so because the licensing norms change every time, and it is better to come up with all legal regulations to ensure streamlined exchange service offerings to the clients.

Your website will offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin Exchange in India, where the demand is rising every day. So, you cannot risk your platform to shut down due to licensing or other legal attributes.

Moreover, if you want to make your cryptocurrency exchange platform to function worldwide, then you must adopt some different documentation or legal processes. But if you just want to make it available for select countries, then the process and monetary expense are less.

This will ensure your reputation across the globe, and it will not only remain as the Indian Crypto Exchange platform but will also be serving the cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

For ensuring that your exchange platform runs seamlessly in all countries, you need to look for all the legal norms to be followed, respected to the laws of all the countries you want to expand. But if you want to limit yourself with building top Cryptocurrency Exchange in India, then the procedures are comparatively less complex.

Keep all these things in mind because violating any of the laws will eventually result in a heavy administrative fine or other legal action. For most of the scenarios, violations of these laws can also be treated as a criminal offense and treated accordingly.

Therefore, when you are planning to build an Indian Exchange for Cryptocurrency, make sure you do not miss out on a single law in this aspect. This will keep your platform safe from any unwanted Government impacts.

For better assistance, you can always hire law specialists to help you guide you on the right process for starting with the set-up of your best Bitcoin Exchange in India. They will guide you to strictly follow the rules without leaving out any loopholes and proper implementation of international law.

b) Look After Software Development Aspects

start cryptocurrency exchange

Legal considerations are the most important factor to look at. So, you need to come with some best ideologies to ensure that Bitcoins can be purchased in Exchange of services over your platform. This requires proper software implementation and development that is important for attaining success in the market.

Software development is not that easy, and it is really very challenging and consumes a lot of money and effort. Preparing the software well with professional assistance will decide the success of your Cryptocurrency Exchange in India.

At times, most people give up on the complexity of developing software. Professional assistance is highly essential as they will help you design your software for Crypto Exchange in India.

You need to work side by side with your developer to instruct the functionality aspects before the programming work begins. The functionality is what will determine the future of your open source Cryptocurrency Exchange platform in India.

You need to make your software liable for dealing with all the answers of the users to the question “How to Exchange Bitcoin in India?”. This is the question in the mind of almost all beginners of Crypto aspirants to plan and invest in the right exchange platform.

Make your software the right platform that becomes the asset for the beginners to help them understand and implement.

In accordance with software development, you also need to look after the security aspects of the software. It is so because, without it, the Bitcoin Cash Exchange will not be secured from both the ends that might risk the funds of the bitcoin trader. You can hire any professional cyber-security expert to seal all the loopholes of your software before you put it live.

The software you develop must also have a feature of Bitcoin to INR Exchange feature to help the Indians easily convert their assets into Indian currency to check the value or withdraw it accordingly. By developing the quality software, you can intend to focus on the service offerings.

c) Improve the Customer Support aspects

start cryptocurrency exchange

Most of the Exchange websites do lack customer support aspects in them that deteriorate their reputation, and they lose the client base. Therefore, you need to put stress upon this factor and ensure that you stay on the top of the Indian Crypto Exchange list. Customer support is a prime aspect of allowing the clients to interact with your team of exchange platforms to get their required solutions or answers to the queries.

You need to invest in customer support aspects to make your platform as the best Cryptocurrency Exchange. When the users find real people over your exchange to talk and ask solutions for several queries, they will eventually gain an impression of your services. By building a rapport with the users, you can be the best Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange.

You need to attract customers, by all means, to help your platform stay on the top of Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange list. You can most likely add new coins and inform the existing clients about it to convince them for multiple trading or Live Coin Exchange.

To add more efficiency with the customer support services, you can provide outbound calls for advising the beginners with fee-related offers to help them develop more interest in Xrypto investments and towards the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange India through your platform.

You can always implement your own perspectives to make this aspect more successful. It is because using this; you can reach out to maximum users to bring them to your platform for buying, selling, or trading bitcoin at a minimal fee.

Give out information related to your Coin Exchange services and also explain to them any specific rules and regulations of your exchange platform. You can do all of this by just providing the right kind of customer support with your best Bitcoin Exchange services.

d) Choose Between the Common Types of Platforms


start cryptocurrency exchange

There are basically two types of exchange platforms that are commonly used. They are centralized and decentralized platforms. Centralized is for the best Ripple Exchange in India and is easy to operate by the users. This holds the ability of rapid transactions, Crypto pairing, high liquidity, Bitcoin Exchange USD, and many other such features.

The security aspects are also taken care of in this platform. These centralized exchanges are meant for the middlemen to keep some fees or commission while allowing the sellers and buyers to trade.

The decentralized platforms are known for offering trading perks directly between the sellers and buyers without any middleman. It uses smart contracts for the process, and all the users embedded in this type of exchange can manage all the private keys and assets on their own.

The decentralized platform is less preferred due to its slow transaction and several entrance barriers. The liquidity is also less here.

So, you need to make sure about choosing the right type of platform for integration onto your cryptocurrency exchange in India to help the users get the maximum benefits out of it. Consider all the factors before you choose between the centralized or decentralized exchange platform for your software.


These are a few of the things that you need to know if you are planning on starting a new cryptocurrency exchange in India or worldwide. You need to integrate all the aspects mentioned above to ensure that the functionalities have no loopholes in it. People will lure to your exchange platform to avail of the buying, selling, or trading features for their Crypto assets.

It is only possible when you take care of the reputation of the exchange platform. So, make sure that from now on, whenever someone types ‘Which is the best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India?’ then your platform name shall come on the top listings.

With it, your Exchange platform in India will eventually grow to higher scales. And if you have taken a worldwide license, you will be truly successful in the long run.

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