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What happened to the main cryptocurrencies in the summer? Short review

main cryptocurrencies review on news.bitxmi

What happened to the main cryptocurrencies in the summer? Short review

Over the past three months, the situation in the crypto industry has changed a lot. Not all altcoins have risen in price at the end of the summer, while the price of bitcoin first fell below $ 30 thousand, and then exceeded $ 50 thousand.


On June 1, the bitcoin rate on the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange was $ 37.2 thousand, then on June 8 it fell to $ 30 thousand, on June 22 – to $ 28.7 thousand, and on July 20 it was at $ 29.2 thousand. the last wave of growth began, as a result of which the cryptocurrency peaked at $ 50.5 thousand on August 23.


On June 1, Ethereum cost $ 2.7 thousand on the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange, on June 22, its price dropped to a local minimum of $ 1.6 thousand. On July 20, cryptocurrency quotes were $ 1.7 thousand, after which they began to grow. On August 23, the altcoin price at its peak exceeded $ 3.3 thousand.


On June 1, the cost of the DOGE token on the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange was $ 0.31. Then it began to fall rapidly, by June 22, dropping almost twice, to $ 0.16. The last wave of growth in the price of cryptocurrency began on July 20 from a local minimum of $ 0.15. On August 16, it exceeded $ 0.34.


On the first day of summer, the XRP token was worth $ 1 on the Bitxmi.com crypto exchange. On June 22, its price fell to $ 0.51, from the same mark on July 21, the last wave of growth in the value of the altcoin started. As a result, on August 15, the altcoin price peaked above $ 1.3.

Bitcoin Cash

On June 1, Bitcoin Cash was trading on Bitxmi.com at $ 700, by June 22, quotes fell to $ 386, and on July 20 they updated the local minimum at $ 383. Then the asset price began to recover, reaching $ 714 on August 16.


On June 1, ChainLink quotes were at $ 31, by June 22, they dropped to $ 15, and on July 20, they renewed their minimum at $ 13.3. After that, the price of the altcoin began to grow, setting a local maximum of $ 30 on August 16.


On June 1, the cost of the Uniswap token was around $ 28. On June 21, it dropped to $ 13.9, exactly a month later, the cryptocurrency began to rise in price from the same level. On August 16, the altcoin price peaked at $ 31.

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