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What Cryptocurrencies to Watch out for this Week?


What cryptocurrencies to watch out for this week? The most promising coins according to BitXmi analysts.

Popular altcoins have doubled in price over the past few days. However, there are still assets on the market that you can earn on buying. But it is important not only to choose reliable tokens but also the right moment to sell them.

Defi tokens

Over the past week, many altcoins have risen sharply. Mostly we are talking about cryptocurrencies, which belong to the sector of decentralized finance. For example, the 1inch DeFi platform token added 90% of its value in seven days. Now the asset is worth $ 2, at the moment the price went up to $ 2.19, according to coinmarketcap.com.

The API3 token showed similar dynamics, the project is developing oracles for the DeFi sector. Over the past week, the coin rate has grown by 129%, to $ 4.2. Today, on January 18, it climbed to $ 4.6, reaching an all-time high.

However, not everything is overlooked, analysts at Bitksmi say. Here are some cryptocurrencies that can show significant growth during the week.

Bitcoin (BTC)


First of all, it is worth watching bitcoin, analysts are confident. Now the first cryptocurrency costs $ 36.3 thousand on the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange. Within a week, its rate is likely to try to surpass the historical maximum of $ 42 thousand, reached in early January. If the BTC price can exceed this value, it will be possible to continue to grow to $ 50 thousand.

An additional obstacle may be the area near $ 39,000. Here is the upper border of the “triangle” pattern, which serves as resistance. If it holds, the rise in the BTC price may turn into a decline. In this case, there is a risk of falling to $ 29.7 thousand, analysts warn. It is important for bulls to keep the cryptocurrency rate above this level, otherwise, the decline may continue to $ 26.5 thousand.

Chainlink (Link)


Chainlink token is one of the growth leaders of the last year. At the beginning of 2020, the coin cost $ 1.8. To date, its price has increased by 1150%, to $ 22.5. Yesterday, January 17, the altcoin hit a new high of $ 23.7.

Analysts are confident that growth will not end there. The cryptocurrency price can reach $ 27 and then $ 30. For this, it is important that the price rises above the $ 23 level, which acts as resistance. If it holds, it is likely that the rate will begin to decline. In this case, the nearest target will be $ 20.1. If the price drops below this level, the fall will continue to $ 17.7.

Uni (UNI)


Over the past week, the token of the decentralized platform Uniswap, which is the leader in its sector, has shown significant growth. The coin rate has almost doubled over this period, to the current level of $ 9.2. Today the price climbed to $ 9.5, which is a new all-time high.

In the case of Uni, there is a growth prospect of $ 15. This requires the altcoin price to rise above $ 12.45. This mark is the closest target for the bulls, experts say. The token will remain in an uptrend as long as it holds above $ 7.47.

Cosmos (ATOM)


Analysts also expect significant growth from the ATOM token. Over the past week, the asset has risen in price by 80% and now costs $ 9.27. The trend may continue to $ 12.10, and there is a likelihood of an increase to $ 13.90.

The key obstacle to the ATOM price appreciation is the $ 9.60 level. If the price fails to overcome it and begins to decline, it is important to keep an eye on the $ 7.5 – 8.05 zone, experts said. If the rate does not fall below this range, this will indicate a strong demand for altcoin from investors.

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