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IDO. How to make money on new tokens?


IDO. How to make money on new tokens?

IDO or Initial Dex Offering is gaining popularity in the crypto industry. Developers of recently released digital coins continue to raise funds to develop their cryptocurrencies. How does this happen and why most of such projects do not bring profit to investors?

The popularization of cryptocurrency has led to the emergence of new digital coins almost every day. More than 10 thousand different tokens are already presented on the CoinMarketCap service. Investors invest in new cryptocurrencies early on in order to get the best returns. BitXmi experts named interesting tokens for investment and explained how to independently choose promising projects.

Where to find tokens?

Now you can find lists of upcoming listings on decentralized marketplaces (IDO), for example, using the calendar on CoinMarketCap (ICO Calendar section). There is a big problem with such tokens – most of these projects are doomed to fail.

Investing at an early stage in the development of a project can be called a gamble since success largely depends on luck. In this regard, analysts advise devoting part of the investment portfolio to the purchase of recently released tokens, which is not a pity to lose. And use the rest of the funds to buy already known stable coins.

Selection criteria

The key criteria for choosing tokens at an early stage should be the prospects and scalability of the platforms. According to experts, in order to understand whether there will be a return on investment, you need to assess how new coins can become of interest to users and what this product can lead to in the future.

To reduce the time spent on studying a project, experts advise looking directly at the team that develops the project and its reputation in the industry. It will be a plus if they already have successful projects Experts also recommend targeting developers from leading countries in the crypto industry such as Singapore and the UAE.

Guaranteed very high profitability in a short period of time is the main sign of fraudsters.

Promising tokens

BitXmi experts have identified several interesting projects that are actively developing and in the future can bring investors good returns. First of all, you should pay attention to the ThetaDrop trading platform, where NFTs are located. It is part of the Theta Network, which makes it possible to integrate with various products on the market, the launch of this platform can be a serious incentive for the growth of tokens.

Experts also advise taking a closer look at the Ethereum scaling solution – Polygon (MATIC). This token has shown high stability against the background of a general correction of recent times, so this can become a guarantee of its future growth.

Another project with a promising future is the Bitxmi NFT Platform. With a successful experience of launching a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as Bitxmi Launchpad, the team is developing a new functional platform for selling NFTs. Digital art is already steadily gaining popularity around the world, and investing in NFT tokens is a great way for long-term investment.

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